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Professor Ray Publishes Paper on Digital Contact Tracing Apps for Covid-19

Professor Brian Ray, along with co-author Professor Jane Bambauer (University of Arizona), published “Covid-19 Apps are Terrible — They Didn’t Have to Be,” an article on Lawfare. The article was also featured in a companion Lawfare Podcast. In the podcast Professor Alan Rozenshtein, from the University of Minnesota, discusses the topic of contact tracing in America…

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5 Cybersecurity Jobs that Require a Master’s Degree

Cybersecurity and data privacy are booming fields with tremendous growth potential for professionals with the right expertise. Earning a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy can provide you with the skills and strategic understanding of the mission-critical risks posed by data breaches and other cyber risks. Qualify yourself for some of…

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Public Interest Technology and the Fight for Racial Justice

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna recently announced that the company would stop developing facial recognition technologies. He also called on Congress to enact reforms to advance racial justice and combat systemic racism. Several days later Amazon followed suit. They said that it would put a one-year pause on its highly controversial facial recognition system—ominously named Rekognition.  Both announcements come…

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Pandemic Privacy: Lessons and Cautions from Around the World

Does combating the novel coronavirus require us to relinquish privacy? China has succeeded in rapidly containing local transmission of the novel coronavirus. They have done this by increasing the scope of its already extensive network of surveillance technologies. This includes a smartphone app that restricts travel and access to public transportation based on an individual’s…

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Jurisdictional Conflicts Over Transfers of Personal Data Across Borders

Jurisdictional Conflicts Over Transfers Of Personal Data Across Borders - The Sedona Conference Working Group on International Electronic Information Management, Discovery, and Disclosure (WG6) developed the Commentary and Principles on Jurisdictional Conflicts over Transfers of Personal Data Across Borders to help businesses as they attempt to navigate a bewildering maze of conflicting and confusing data…

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Remote Learning: What Students Need to Know to Succeed in a Time of COVID-19

Remote Learning During Covid-19. For students already enrolled in online programs, COVID-19 hasn’t changed the content delivery. What has changed is your environment and, probably, your stress levels. You may have children, a spouse, or other family members at home more than usual. You may be more concerned about money and health. Under these new…

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Cybersecurity Workforce Needs to Grow 145% to Close Skills Gap

According to the latest Cybersecurity Workforce Study from (ISC)2, the world’s largest nonprofit association dedicated to IT security, there is currently a massive global cybersecurity workforce shortage. To fill the current estimated global need for 4.07 million cybersecurity professionals would require a 145% increase in the number of cybersecurity professionals across all cybersecurity roles. In…

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How to Build a Successful Legal Career in Cybersecurity

Legal Career in Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity, also referred to as information technology security, is the practice of protecting networks, devices, programs, and data from an attack.  Increased Risk  With advances in technology, there is an increase in the amount of sensitive data the government, military, financial services, medical practices, and various corporations collect. In other words,…

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Reported Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals

Shortage Of Cybersecurity Professionals. The Oxford Centre for Technology and Global Affairs recently published a Working Paper calling for a radical redefinition. Also, it called for an expansion of the cybersecurity field to incorporate non-technical disciplines. This includes “law, business strategy, and public policy” to ensure a more strategic approach: Cybersecurity has become such a…

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Cleveland Magazine Spotlights Online MLS Program on Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Cleveland Magazine Spotlights Online MLS Program. The latest issue of Cleveland Magazine spotlights our new completely online MLS in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy. Also, it shares its cutting-edge approach to this fast-growing field:  Clearly, cybersecurity and data privacy should be primary business concerns. Fortunately, there is a resource right here in Cleveland that can help…

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