Data Privacy

With new privacy laws coming online throughout the U.S. and significant changes already being made to California’s landmark law, organizations face tremendous challenges staying abreast of this constantly changing legal and regulatory landscape. What’s more, these changes implicate a wide range of roles within an organization from the strategic risks that the C-Suite must consider to the specific legal and compliance requirements and technical controls necessary to implement them. 

Beyond a rapidly evolving legal and regulatory landscape in data privacy, we are seeing a gap between demand and supply. ISACA recently conducted a privacy survey and found, “a major gap in skilled resources in the market and the need for professionals to upgrade their data privacy and protection skills.” The report concludes that this will drive demand for privacy professionals but emphasizes that anyone seeking to land these jobs needs “to upgrade their skills in the field of compliance and data privacy to meet the growing demand of the market.” 

Bridging the Gap with an MLS in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Cleveland State University College of Law’s online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy can prepare you with the knowledge and skills necessary for these in-demand roles. Our program provides a comprehensive view of the legal, business, and technical aspects of data privacy and security and how those aspects fit within a comprehensive compliance program.

Whether you are entering the field or looking to advance your career, this program gives you a unique combination of both skills and knowledge that combines all the critical elements a top-notch cybersecurity expert needs to have. 

About the Program

Our online MLS Cybersecurity and Data Privacy program is composed of dedicated faculty members who share diverse backgrounds including attorneys, technical directors, and advisors. This online program will give you the flexibility that your career requires while also giving you the hands-on experience you need to advance in that career. 

Visit our FAQ page to get your questions answered. You can also, contact us directly to learn more about our MLS program and how you can earn an MLS degree at Cleveland State University College of Law.