Jurisdictional Conflicts Over Transfers Of Personal Data Across Borders – The Sedona Conference Working Group on International Electronic Information Management, Discovery, and Disclosure (WG6) developed the Commentary and Principles on Jurisdictional Conflicts over Transfers of Personal Data Across Borders to help businesses as they attempt to navigate a bewildering maze of conflicting and confusing data protection and privacy laws.

Jurisdictional Conflicts

Furthermore, Brian Ray, Faculty Director of the online MLS in Cybersecurity & Data Privacy and Director of the Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection at Cleveland State University College of Law, co-authored the Commentary with an international group of experts.

The goal of this Commentary is to: 

  1. Provide a practical guide to corporations and others. Also, they must make day-to-day operational decisions regarding the transfer of data across borders.
  2. Provide a framework for the analysis of questions regarding the laws applicable to cross-border transfers of personal data.
  3. Encourage governments to harmonize their domestic laws to facilitate global commerce.

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April 2020

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