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What the California Privacy Rights Act Means for Privacy Professionals

The California Privacy Rights Act, or CPRA, is one of a kind in the United States – but it may not be for long. In a recent webinar, CSU’s Director of the Center for Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Brian Ray, and Director of Graduate Studies and Professional Development Julie DiBiaso examine the CPRA and explained…

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Faculty Spotlight: Brian Ray, Director at the Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection

Brian Ray had no technical background in cybersecurity whatsoever. Now he is the Director at the Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection.  Among his many accomplishments, Professor Brian Ray was selected to participate in the Yale University Cyber Leaders Forum in 2017,  and SC Magazine named him one of three Outstanding Cybersecurity Educators in the…

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Student Story with Antonio Taylor

Antonio Taylor, a self-professed nontraditional student, has a unique story behind his enrollment in the MLS in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy program here at CSU.  Antonio comes from a security background, but his niche is physical security as opposed to cybersecurity. Only after many years of a professional career in service – and after turning…

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Navigating Privacy and Compliance Post-Dobbs Ruling The recent reversal of Roe v. Wade has put a spotlight on digital surveillance of health-related information. In states where abortions are illegal, the vast amounts of personal information routinely collected from consumers and aggregated by data brokers potentially put women and healthcare providers at risk of prosecution.  Dr. Laura Hoffman, professor and Co-Director…

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The Strategy of Cyber Law: A Degree For the Future

A Master of Legal Studies (MLS) in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy from Cleveland State University College of Law isn’t just another box to check on your career journey. This advanced degree constitutes a substantial investment in your future, both personally and professionally. Julie DiBlasio, Director of Graduate Studies and Professional Development, interviewed Professor Brian Ray…

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Cybersecurity Month Highlights Skills Gap

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The 2022 theme is See Yourself in Cyber emphasizing the critical need for people with the skills to address the growing threats in cyberspace but also the diverse range of roles that are available in this industry. The Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA) - the federal agency primarily responsible…

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The Future of Data Privacy in a Post-Roe America

Privacy professionals will face a complicated legal landscape after the Supreme Court releases its opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization. Based on the cornerstone of legal precedent, what used to be an established constitutional right to abortion has been struck down by the highest court in the United States.    Amid these uncertain times,…

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How to Get Started in Privacy Compliance

The MLS in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy at the Cleveland State University College of Law is an online program for professionals who work in legal data privacy and cybersecurity. The flexible MLS is led by faculty from the Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection at Cleveland State University College of Law, and other leading practitioners…

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Cybersecurity Compliance: How Compliance is Implemented in the Cybersecurity Field

What is an Effective Cybersecurity Compliance Program? It may surprise you to learn that the foundation of an effective cybersecurity compliance program comes from the United States Department of Justice memos to their Criminal Division. Prosecutors must follow these guidelines when investigating and prosecuting companies for non-compliance. One of the mitigating circumstances for companies being…

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A Degree for the Future: How Cybersecurity Legal Training Opens Many Doors

Access Granted By Elia Burgos As cybersecurity professionals, we see doors as ways to protect assets and data from unauthorized access. But today, I want to talk about the doors cybersecurity legal training can open for you.  I speak to so many people that are hesitant about choosing a career in cyber because they believe…

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