Student Story with Kenee’ Shepherd

Kenee’ Shepherd realized fairly quickly that being a medical professional was not for her. Luckily, she had the opportunity to pivot career paths thanks to an MLS from CSU. The medical office where she worked happened to be completing their medical health records at the time, and the process interested her much more. She applied […]

Navigating Cybersecurity Compliance: The Need for a Master of Legal Studies

The prominence of cybersecurity compliance in the modern, fast-paced, and data-centric business environment is undeniable. Companies today lean heavily on information technology to boost efficiency, gather insightful data, and empower their workforce. Against this backdrop, the value of obtaining a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) to embark on a career in cybersecurity compliance is critically […]

The Path to Success in Cybersecurity: Zain Zafar’s Experience with CSU’s Online MLS Program

It seems like CSU’s MLS in Data Privacy and Cybersecurity was made for Zain Zafar. He has always been determined, hardworking, and committed to pursuing his passion for cybersecurity.  Zain, a Cleveland native, completed his bachelor’s in International Studies with a focus on security and intelligence at the Ohio State University. After graduating, unfortunately, he […]

Student Story with Antonio Taylor

Antonio Taylor, a self-professed nontraditional student, has a unique story behind his enrollment in the MLS in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy program here at CSU.  Antonio comes from a security background, but his niche is physical security as opposed to cybersecurity. Only after many years of a professional career in service – and after turning […]

Attorney Elia Burgos Chooses the MLS Program to Expand Her Career Options

Elia Enid Burgos-Sosa moved to Ohio from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. “In that move,” Elia says, “I was looking to expand my career opportunities. I’ve been an attorney for 18 years, and for 16 of those years, I’ve practiced only criminal law. It’s a good thing to specialize in a specific area. However, my […]