Remote Learning During Covid-19. For students already enrolled in online programs, COVID-19 hasn’t changed the content delivery. What has changed is your environment and, probably, your stress levels. You may have children, a spouse, or other family members at home more than usual. You may be more concerned about money and health. Under these new circumstances, you may wonder if it’s still possible for you to succeed with remote learning. 

With the right tactics and mindset, you can succeed in the midst of the COVID-19 and the accompanying stressors. The following strategies will help you keep the long view in mind so you can achieve your goal of earning a Master of Legal Studies in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy. 

Stick to your system

Routines and structures help keep you on track toward your goals even when circumstances change. With schools and businesses shut down, you may be sharing your home with a partner or children who have their own working and studying to do. Finding a quiet time where you can focus on classwork might be more difficult than normal. Even if you already had a study plan in place, you may need to adjust it to meet new demands. 

If you did not already have a solid study plan, now is the time to create one. Follow these steps to make a study schedule you can stick to. Next, we will discuss how Remote Learning During Covid-19 will change your study habits.

How to make a study schedule for remote learning:

  1. Set aside a specific time each day to work on your course. Try to pick a time when you’re alert, but won’t be interrupted. A short session each day is more effective than hours of cramming.
  2. Break your study time into chunks. Your brain is most effective in 50-minute spurts. Give yourself breaks to absorb the material and refocus. During your break, you can stroll around your house, stretch, or even do a few pushups. Physical activity helps improve brain function.
  3. Tell everyone in your house about your schedule. Others in your household are unlikely to respect a schedule they don’t know exists. Communicate your need for quiet uninterrupted time. Kids might especially enjoy “helping” you remember to do your homework.

Make a plan to balance work and your MLS program

With many businesses shut down, you may be working online in addition to studying online. If you’re not careful, the two can blend together. You might find yourself answering work emails when you should be studying, for example. Try to create a separation between your job and your classwork.

During your scheduled study time, try to shut off all distractions. That includes email and chat notifications from work. Don’t let the urgent get in the way of the important. 

If you have a laptop, move to a different room before logging onto your student portal. If that’s not possible, try sitting in a different chair or even changing your clothes. These simple shifts help you shift from work mode to study mode.

Focus on what you can control

In this time of uncertainty, there are many things you can’t control. That might make you uncomfortable or even anxious. Stop those feelings from getting in the way of your education by focusing on what you can control. 

Things you can control: 

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, reach out to a friend or classmate for support. You can practice social distancing and still stay close to people with chat, phone calls, or social media. CSU College of Law instructors and support staff are here to help as well. Contact them if you are struggling with an assignment. 

Cybersecurity and data privacy are still high-demand skills

The United States alone needs almost 500,000 new cybersecurity professionals to meet demand. The COVID-19 crisis will not change that. In fact, this situation has pushed people and businesses to rely on their technology more than ever. That means they need cybersecurity and data privacy experts to help keep them and their data safe online. 

Staying focused on your studies will prepare you to protect client data, minimize security threats, and understand relevant regulations — all vital roles in the modern business world. Stay focused and keep your goal in mind. Our economy needs you. 

For support, or to find out more about remote learning during covid-19, reach out to your admissions advisor.